Independant Advanced Aesthetics Guide


Independant Training for Taking it to the Next Level

7 Week Advanced Diet and Exercise Plan for Aesthetics

This exercise and nutrition guide will take you step by step through the process of reaching your mentioned fitness goal. It’s also great for anyone that wants to compete for a physique or body building contest.

Some basic information is required for me to be able to customize a plan that will work for you; such as, strength, eating habits and other factors that would be critical and influential in writing your program.

Your body stats will also be needed in establishing a baseline measure so we can track your progress along the way.

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General Exercise and Food Eating Principles for Aesthetics is a broader version of the 7 week plan; its for people that just want to know what foods to avoid or which to have more of and how many times a week they should train, the exercises they should do, how many reps, sets and how long they should be resting between sets.
You will get direct access to me throughout the entire way of your program up to reaching your goal. You’ll be invited to join my premium access facebook page for clients only and will also have access to my public profile and all the invaluable information I post.