Master Trainer Raffi Kevork


Hi, my name is Raffi Kevork, Im a master trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine option Performance Enhancement Specialist. I also hold a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology option: Exercise Science.  My personal training can target sports specific training to improve in speed and agility and correcting postural deviations.

My personal training includes emphasis on competitive bodybuilding or physique shows.  I have done a bodybuilding show myself and know the right nutrition plan and exercise program to implement with no errors, a sure shot way to succeed in getting the right body fat percentage.  I can also help with stage posing.

I also have a very large amount of experience in rehab and able to work with post rehab and seniors that want to improve their symptoms of having muscle imbalances which cause pain and certain over compensation of other joints that causes postural deviations and muscular imbalances, which could also lead to joint and muscle pain.


Established in 2014.

Although my business was established in 2014; I have been in the industry for 20 years.  I started working as a trainer both private and corporate since 2001 and became fully independent in 2014.

Meet the Business Owner

Raffi K. Business Owner

I started to become very active in sports at 12 years old when I joined the Altadena minor league baseball team, I also joined a basketball team as part of the pasadena boy’s club.  I started lifting weights in 1994 and became a personal trainer in 2001.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Cal State Northridge, class of 2004, and certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with a specialty in Performance Enhancement Specialist.   I also have 2 nationally accredited certifications through the International Sports Sciences Association specializing in Fitness Therapy and Fitness Training.

I was recognized as the leading fitness manager in customer service  in 2008 in the entire region, 2 months in a row for a corporate giant I worked for and was leading the district most all months of the year during my stay.  I now happily service 200 sessions a month at Prime Fitness Pasadena that makes clients’ service experience unparalleled in the entire country.

Personal Training Qualifications

  • B.S. Degree in Exercise Physiology
  • ISSA Fitness Trainer
  • ISSA Fitness Therapy
  • Master Trainer (2000+ sessions serviced would be recognized a master trainer by nationally accredited agencies)
  • 7000+ sessions serviced
  • Number 1 in the district
  • Number 1 in the region
  • Master Trainer since 2008

email: exphys2000@aol.com

cell: 818-419-1778