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Cameron puts on 20 lbs of solid muscle in 4 months!image

 At 6’7″ Gabriel was weighing in at 475lbs before he got started with his journey with me and went down to 237lbs in 14 months!


Natalie dropped 20+ lbs in 2.5 months of exercise!

(Aspiring bikini competitor)


May 153.6                        August 133.0

Madlen’s Fitness Transformation

Madlen's Fitness Transformation

Jonathan’s weight loss from 200lbs to 175 in 3 months!


Lucas going from great to ELITE shape in 3 weeks!

Lucas going from great to elite shape

  Ly lost 2.5 inches off her waist in 2.5 months


 I went from 200 lbs to 168 for my bodybuilding competition within 5 months!

200lbs to 168lbs

Zorica likes soccer, dodge ball, and to run marathons. Her main goal was to gain strength in her legs to enhance her soccer game. With her nutrition and supplements dialed in for success, her exersicing shows following results. The after photo depicts the increase in muscle tone and definition in her legs as compared to the before pic. She continues to train with Raffi to even better her game and continue to set new goals.

     From May to January 27% bodyfat 113lbs to 23% bodyfat 119lbs


Jay took 3 months to lose 20 lbs, with all successful fitness programs nutrition is the most critical factor.


 Joe lost 20lbs in 3.5 months of better nutrition and more frequent exercise than he was getting.




and the physical difference in effects they have between interval training

(sprint work) and long distance training (marathon)


High intensity interval training drives the body into an acute phase of fast and precise movements making your heart rate spike up. This thereby makes your brain signal for release of growth hormone which makes your body an environment for fat burning and sustains your lean body mass.

Fitness is a lifestyle.

commitment and consistence = excellence




face shot

-13 years of experience

-Personally been through a body changing transformation

-Got an Outstanding mark on an annual review

as Fitness Manager at a private corporation

-Won all contests the three years I was at

private corporation for highest marks in customer

service and client retention.

-B.S. In Kinesiology

-NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification

-ISSA Fitness Therapy Certification

-10,000+ sessions serviced


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Women and Muscle 



10 Reasons to get a Personal Trainer.


1. Get results.

2. Get on the right nutrition plan.

3. Avoid all the hype; and get on the right supplements.

4. Be held accountable by someone, the trainer.

5. Solidify your training schedule.

6. Avoid injury.

7. Avoid Plateaus.

8. Save time.

9. Avoid trial and error.

10. Exceed your own expectations.

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A great way to change things up from doing leg extensions.

Ever tried doing these?

Called deficit range of motion; standing on a platform, weight goes well below ground level for increase range of motion targeting the quads.



Feet shoulder width apart and don’t let your knees buckle in on the way up. Toes pointed forward.

The impediments and recovery of Hip Flexor Tightness.

From great squatting to elite squatting.



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Raffi Kevork, owner of Prime Fitness Pasadena, specializes in sustainable weight loss and creates systematic and tailored fitness programs to make lifestyle changes that make his training programs work.

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